Are you bored of dark furniture? Do you want to add summer flair to your home? Bring the summer into your home with 10 summer decorating ideas.

Paint will add colour to your room! Find a focal point in your living room. Paint this focal point a bright colour or choose a large painting or mirror to place on this focal wall. It will make the whole room stand out and seem much larger.

Replace your dark curtains with valances or lightweight, sheer curtains. This will allow more light into the room.

Sofa and Pillows
Get a slip cover for your sofa. Do the same with pillows. Wrap some fabric around your pillows to bring some bright colours into the room for summer time.

Rearrange furniture for a fresh look. Try pulling the furniture out from the walls.

Coffee Table
Place a vase on the coffee table with some bright, colourful flowers. This will spruce up the room. Get some summer books or magazines and place across your coffee table.

Put out some colourful candles. They smell great and add colour too.

Add some new pictures to the mantel above the fireplace. You won’t be using it for a while and it needs to have something to show off.

Lighten up the bathroom a bit. Grab some white, pink, yellow, or green towels. Place some shells around the bathroom sink for the summer feel.

Winter Stuff
Be sure to remove the winter stuff so that it does not clash with the summer decorations.

Summer Help
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