The function and the size of your kitchen dictate which materials or furniture should be used. Choosing colours for your kitchen is a matter of personal taste, though we do suggest you read these simple rules.

Walls should be in harmony with floor and furniture. Try to avoid saturated or contrasting colours, which might affect your mood.

Cooler colours
There is a belief that such a ‘hot’ place as kitchen begs for cooler palette, based on lighter shades of blue, grey and green. Grey colour will help you to grow thin. Colour kitchen in grey-pink tones muffles appetite. Grey colour does not cause irritation, it calms and muffles anxiety.

Creamy colours
Creamy colours are also a good choice, especially if combined with natural-wood furniture.

Pastel colours
Pastel colours, like lemon, pink, pistachio, apricot or peach, are ideal if your kitchen is not well-lit or airy enough. Orange and turquoise colours stimulate appetite. You should keep this in mind if you have children, or if you are on a diet. Orange colour acts excitingly, thus it is very warm and vital colour and it adds optimism.

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