Mirrors are flexible and adaptable home decorating elements. Instead of putting up pictures, you can accessorize your home with mirrors. Mirrors can add depth and beauty to any room in your home. Here are some quick tips to help you decide where to place mirrors in your home.

Mirrors in the Small Room
If you want to used a mirror to make a room appear larger than it is. You may choose to get a full length mirror that stretches from floor to ceiling.

Mirrors between Windows
If you are looking to add depth to a room place peer mirrors between windows.

Mirrors on the Table
If you have a table that needs a little pep you can place a mirror on the top for a new look, or you can also do this to hide a blemish on a surface as well.

Mirrors in the Dark Room
If you have a dark room, you can add light with a mirror on the wall. If you have a dark corner you can place a mirror in that corner to reflect light and brighten it up. Wall mirrors will help to reflect and enhance your room’s lighting as well as any decor.

Mirrors in the Kitchen
If you want a mirror in the kitchen you can use one as a back splash. If you have a tall pantry or kitchen cabinet you can place a mirror on the ceiling so you can see what is on the top shelf.

Mirrors in the Bedroom
If you want skylight in your bedroom, you can use a skinny full length mirror to create the affect.

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