We are very happy to recommend EZ Builders!

Whenever you decide to contract builders, you are always going to be anxious that they will be conscientious, reliable and with a focus on quality that matches your expectations. The team at EZ Builders scored very highly on these measures.

They worked first renovating our kitchen and family room, and because they did such a good job, we asked them to come back a few months later to redecorate most of the rest of our flat.

At the outset, we got quotes from three builders, but we decided to go with EZ Builders, because they gave us the most confidence that they understood our expectations, the nature of the job and that they had the expertise and commitment to carry it through. Their quote was not the cheapest we received, but it was competitive and it was detailed and transparent.

The job itself involved knocking down a wall and, although this was disruptive and dirty, EZ Builders crew did a decent job keeping the disruption to a minimum while working within the rules and regulations of our building.

We are very happy with the completed job!