Lighter or softer bedroom colours are best for your kids bedrooms. If your kid bedroom is small, stick to one colour throughout. This will make the room look bigger.

Red Paint Colour
Red is an energizing colour which may over-stimulate your kids. You can introduce red as an accent colour on curtains, bedspreads and cushions. Or just dab some white paint on your palette and add a tiny drop of of the red and make pink. Pink is a great loving colour.

Yellow Paint Colour
Orange and yellow create a clear, bright environment and are popular for kids areas. Soft yellow can promote positivity in your kids bedrooms and help develop their thought processes. Avoid strong yellows that can be too intense especially for a small bedroom.

Blue Paint Colour
Blue can be useful to calm hyperactive kids. If your kids bedrooms are south facing, lighter shades of blue will prove cool and refreshing bedroom colours.

Green Paint Colour
A light green is one of the best colours for your kids bedrooms. Green has soothing, healing qualities. Green helps to balance the right and left brain and aid learning.

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