Last July, after a long time searching we finally found our dream: an affordable cottage house in the middle of Hampstead Village. Despite the fact that structural the house was fine, it needed a complete refurbishment, including repairing supporting beams, plastering, rebuilding walls, electrics and plumbing, bathroom and kitchen installation and decoration. My wife was 7 months pregnant and we had to finish to complete job early September. Having experience with builders in London, I started by searching on the Internet where I found EZ Builders. After the initial contact we agreed about the project approach and they started working one week later. EZ Builders executed the complete project in successive phases, all on-time and within budget, so that early September my wife and myself moved into our new house. The quality of the work was above standards with no surprises in costs as is usually the case. But above all of this, I enjoyed their honesty, openness and enthusiasm for the job.

Therefore I am very happy to recommend EZ Builders team for all their construction and decoration work.