When you sleep your energy field retracts and moves back into the body and it’s restored for the following day. Due to this fact your bedroom should be a place of peace and tranquility. Bedroom colours should be settling and relaxing rather than uplifting and stimulating. Choosing soft, subtle feng shui bedroom colours over heavy ones. But let’s focus on which Feng Shui colours not to use in your bedroom and why?

White Colour
White colour represents innocence and purity, but as your main bedroom color can be too stark and sterile. White is great for bouncing light and energy around a space.

Black Colour
Black colour absorbs energy. If you use too much black in your bedroom, you’ll feel overwhelmed or even depressed.

Brown Colour
Brown colour reeks of old age, staleness and stuck, immovable energy.

Red Colour
Red stimulates physical activity and growth. Painting your bedroom colour in red, you’ll simply feel too stimulated, agitated or anxious. Limit red to accent colours like red candles, lamps, cushions and avoid large splashes of red in your bedroom.

Yellow Colour
Yellow tends to focus the mind and intellect and it is not ideal for a space that you want relax in. Keep yellow for your home office.

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