Your bathroom is an important place to find relaxation. Colours can add life and personality to your bathroom and influence your mood. How to decorate your bathroom with colours?

Studies have shown that red can quicken the pulse and breathing rate, as well as increase appetite. Yellow can make people feel happier. You can attract attention and brighten up your bathroom, if you use as an accent bright yellow.

What is important to remember is that the colours should complement each other. Try to select colours of similar densities for a balanced look so that one colour does not overpower another. Pick three or four colours that all stem from the same primary colour.

Don’t forget to provide a smooth transition between rooms with the walls painted in the same colour. Select the flooring for your bathroom that is similar in colour to the carpet used in the bedroom, for example.

You could also add colour to your bathroom with accessories like shower curtains, rugs, or through the type of backsplashes, flooring and countertops.

Creating the right colour schemes for your bathroom is no easy task. If you feel you do not have the skills to it yourself you should let EZ Builders London Painters and Decorators help you make the right decision.

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